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Journal Your Thoughts: Journal Prompts

Even if you have good intentions to frequently practice journal writing, a blank page can be scary. That’s why I decided to create a list of things to write in a journal.

If you’re not sure what kind of journal you want to start, you can download a worksheet and chart to help you decide, although you don’t need to keep it subject specific.

I’ve grouped the list of things to write in a journal by different journal types and they are made up of questions to answer, statements to complete and general prompts. Don’t try and make your journal perfect, it’s okay to make mistakes. The most important thing is to express yourself.

Daily Life

1. Write about a recent news event and how it made you feel.

2. What does my ideal day look like?

3. What am I most excited about in my life today?

4. What is your favourite day of the week and why?

5. Today I feel…

6. Today I learned…

7. How can I make today the best it can possibly be?

8. Write about your current surroundings. What can you hear, smell and see?

9. Write a review on the last thing you watched on TV or book you read.

10. How did I respond or treat people today?

11. The best part of my day was…

If prompts are about the current day and you are writing your journal in the morning, write about the previous day.


12. List 3 things that can perk you up when you are feeling down.

13. Which part of your morning routine are you most grateful for?

14. What’s your favourite place in your home?

15. Which one person in your life are you most thankful for?

16. Is there something in your life that you have now that gives you joy that you didn’t have a year ago?

17. Write about your favorite family tradition.

18. List 3 things you love to do that are free.

19. Write about the last time you laughed uncontrollably.

20. Which type of food or meal are you most grateful for?

21. 5 things you love about the country/area you live in.

22. List 3 ways you can show your gratitude without saying thank you.

Personal Growth

23. Describe what you want your life to look like in 5 years.

24. One of my strengths is…

25. The most important thing in my life is…

26. I feel most relaxed when…

27. The most important life lessons I have learned so far are…

28. The one thing I wish I could change in my life right now is…

29. What do I want to learn most in the next year?

30. The last risk I took was…

31. Am I happy with the direction my life is headed?

32. What steps can I take to change the direction of my life if I’m not happy with it?

33. Think about which movie or book character you can relate to most and explain why.

34. Write about someone you admire.


35. Sketch or write about your ideal garden.

36. Create a gardening expense worksheet.

37. The best part of my garden is…

38. The part of my garden I would like to improve most is…

39. Write about why you garden.

40. Write about the sounds you hear while in the garden.

41. Create a monthly to do list.

42. Create a seasonal to do list.

43. My favourite plant/flower/herb is…

44. Which plant/flower/herb are you most excited about seeing grow?

Health and Fitness

45. What does being fit mean to me?

46. How can I develop more healthy habits?

47. List your current stats such as weight and height, measurements and body mass index (BMI).

48. Define your fitness goals.

49. Are there any bad habits that you would like to eliminate?

50. Compose an exercise plan. (Include what type of exercises do you plan on doing and how often)

51. Keep a food diary, listing your food intake with a brief description of how you felt afterwards.

52. An aspect of my health that needs attention is…

53. Are there any activities that you are unable to do because of your health?

54. The main things I can do to improve my health and fitness are…


55. What food trend do you love/hate?

56. Select a food and describe its taste, smell and texture.

57. Design a shopping list checklist template.

58. If you could only keep one kitchen gadget/tool what would it be and why.

59. Create a meal planner.

60. What meal from childhood was your favourite and why?

61. Plan your dream dinner party menu.

62. Choose 5 guests (living, dead or fictional) to invite to your dream dinner party.

63. Where is your favourite place to eat out and why?

64. If you had your own personal chef, what would your weekly meal plan look like.

65. Write an A to Z list of foods.


66. 5 things that make you feel loved

67. You met your partner/closest friend when…

68. My favourite date nights are…

69. How do you like to show someone that you care?

70. I know I’m in love when…

71. My most meaningful relationships in my life are with…

72. Where do I see my relationship in 5 years?

73. Do I spend enough quality time with my partner/friends?

74. I feel supported when…

75. The last time my partner/friend surprised me was…


76. If money were no object, where would you travel to next?

77. List 3 things you like about travelling.

78. Choose your next travel destination and plan out your itinerary.

79. Describe what your favourite meal was while travelling.

80. List all the places in the world that you would like to visit.

81. Write about a news item that is affecting the area you are visiting or want to visit.

82. The best thing I will remember from my last trip is…

83. What are you looking forward to seeing most on your next trip?

84. Create a packing checklist.

85. Think about your last trip. What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone visiting this place.

86. The funniest part of my last trip was…


87. What are my top 3 bible verses that give me strength?

88. Keep track of prayer requests.

89. Explain how God has answered your requests.

90. Thank God for answering requests.

91. Father, thank you for…

92. A temptation I’m currently struggling with is…

93. Write a prayer for the world.

94. Write a prayer for a friend.

95. Lord teach me to…

96. Write a letter forgiving someone who has wronged you.

Bullet Journal

As a bullet journal is more about creating lists, the following is a short list of must have pages for your bujo.

97. Index

98. Future log

99. Monthly log

100. Daily log

It’s entirely up to you what other pages you create for your bullet journal. You can customise it entirely according to your needs.

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Download 100 Journal Prompts


Journal writing can be therapeutic and help with self discovery and improve your mental health. Be creative, get over 101 journal prompts today and start your therapy.

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