Be more productive and set some goals for yourself. Whether you decide on long-term or short-term goals, this printable goal setting planner pack will help you to achieve them.

Posted November 10, 2018 Personal Growth, Productivity

Live your Best Life with Goal Setting

Writing down your goals will keep you on track and help achieve your goals.

First start by thinking about what you want to accomplishOnce you’ve decided on your goals it’s time to map out your plan of action.

I’ve created a goal setting planner pack below to help you.

Features include:

  • Editable
    • No printer? No problem! Open the documents in Adobe Acrobat and type into the document.
  • Undated
    • Evergreen documents to use whenever you want.
  • Portrait orientated
    • All documents are portrait which is handy if you want to print and put them in a binder.

The pack includes the following pages:

See below for further details on how to use the goal setting pages.

Cover Page / Divider and Tabs

If you choose to print out the planners, these pages will keep everything organised.

Goal Setting Planner Pack - Cover page

Lifetime / Long-Term Goals

The lifetime/long-term goals page has space to state what your lifetime goal is and also 25, 10, 5 and 3 year goals. Once you decide on your goal, enter it into the relevant box then briefly list what you will need to complete to achieve your goal.

How to choose your goal(s)

Look at the big picture and think about what you would like to achieve in your life.

Once you have decided on long term goals you can broadly work out what you need to work on to achieve your goals. Are there skills you need to learn? Money you need to earn?

How far in advance you want to think about will depend on factors such as your age and what goals you have chosen.

Imagine where you would like to be in the future. What has your future self accomplished? What does your home life look like? Are you single or do you have a family? If you are working, where are you in your career? What would your friends and family say they admire about you?

Once you have an overall picture of your future self you can work out what your lifetime/long-term goals are.

Yearly Goals

This planner sheet is divided into the following categories:

  • Career;
  • Family & Friends;
  • Finances;
  • Health & Fitness;
  • Home;
  • Personal Growth;
  • Relationship; and
  • Travel.

You can also add two of your own categories.

Quarterly Planner

Yearly goals can be reviewed each quarter with this planner page or use it independently for quarterly goals. List tasks to be completed at the beginning of the quarterly and review them at the end of three months.

Monthly Planner

Break down your yearly or quarterly goals into actionable steps using the monthly planner.

The planner is split over two pages to give you plenty of space, a notes area and an area to state your objective(s) for the month. There are also five other boxes where you can add space for:

  • Monthly tasks;
  • Shopping list;
  • People to see;
  • Places to go;
  • Monthly gratitude; or

any other areas you would like to concentrate on.

Weekly planner

This planner puts your self-care and personal growth front and centre with a section for both these activities plus space for affirmations and gratitude log. Every day also has a mini water tracker.

Daily Planner

If you really want to keep on top of your goal setting targets, use this planner to achieve at least one micro goal per day. It again focuses on self-care so has the same health sections as the weekly planner plus a meal planner section and a schedule to keep you super organised.

To-do List

Use the to-do list to brainstorm all the tasks you may need to complete at each step of your goal journey. It’s especially useful if there are a lot of steps to be completed to get to your main goal. Once you have all the tasks written down you can get a better picture of how long it might realistically take to achieve your main goal.

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All the planners in the goal setting pack can be used independently or together.

Download Goal Setting Planner Pack

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