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A Guide to Free Online Courses

I gave you ideas on informal ways to learn in last week’s post where you can find 10 Fun Free Learning Activities, together with a handy PDF you can keep for reference.
If you prefer more structure for your learning goals, this post is for you.

Below I have gathered together online learning providers that offer a wide range of courses and grouped them by subject areas.

You can download a PDF with all the listed providers at the end of this post.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Drawing & Illustration
  2. Interior Design
  3. Jewellery Design
  4. Knitting & Crochet
  5. Photography
  6. Sewing

You can find all of the above courses at CreativeLive. This is one of my favourite learning sites as it provides different free live online courses every week and are accompanied by helpful course material. I’ve taken advantage of many of their free courses and have recently joined a quilting course which I can’t wait to start.

Baking mad?

  1. Pretty Witty Cakes has over 200 tutorials in their free membership.


  1. How to Write Your First Song– This course will introduce you to the skills needed to write your first song.
  2. Justin Guitar will teach you how to master the guitar.
  3. Learn to read music with Teoria.

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  1. Duolingo – Set your learning goals, from 5 to 20 minutes per day and start to learn a new language.
  2. School of Sign Language – Learn basic British Sign Language or for a small fee and a more in-depth course try British Sign.
  3. You can learn American Sign Language with Sign Language 101.


  1. Babedu – Offers free pregnancy courses which include information on pre-pregnancy health and week-by-week baby development.
  2. Would you know what to do if your child was having a medical emergency until the professionals arrived? First Aid for Babies and Children gives basic knowledge of first aid and could be a potentially life saving skill and is especially important if you’re in charge of caring for someone. The British Red Cross also provides easy to following first aid information to help adults and babies and children.


  1. A Mini Course on Better Reading – Provides strategies to help increase your reading speed.
  2. William Wordsworth: Poetry, People and PlaceExplore the poetry of William Wordsworth and discovery where he found his inspiration.
  3. Start writing fiction – If you’ve always wanted to write, this course can help you fulfill your dream.
  4. If non-fiction is more your thing. Try How To Write A Non-fiction Ebook.
  5. Grammarly – Improve your writing skills with this free tool that will assist your grammar.


  1. Making Sense Of Your Personal Finances – Learn basic money management skills.
  2. Introduction to Managing your Personal Finance Debts – Get to grips with your debts with this course.
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Stock Terminology can help you if you want to under the stock market.

For Children

  1. National Geographic Kids – Teach your child about the world with these geography resources.
  2. Natural History Museum – Children can play and learn with these interactive games about nature.
  3. e-learning for kids provides lessons for children on topics which are part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum which is used in 138 countries.
  4. DIY Fun Rainbow Colored Slime Craft! – Take time to have some fun and make some slime!


  1. Learn to type – If you want to learn touch typing or just want to test our speed.
  2. Excel with Business – Download a list of 100 useful Excel tips
  3. Microsoft offers training in all of their packages.
  4. Learn how to protect your digital life with Future Learn.
  5. Study Skills

    Would you like to go back to higher education but feel you lack the essential skills needed? Maybe you’re a student who wants to gain some confidence in this area. These courses are for you.

    1. Get Started with Online LearningDeveloped by The Open University this course will help prepare you for studying with the OU or another higher education provider.
    2. Study Right provides comprehensive study skills courses.


    The following providers are not free but they offer so much I thought it was worth including them.

    • Craftsy – As the name suggests, offers an array of creative courses for beginners to advanced. As well as providing courses (which, as of today, are as low as £5), they also supply all the tools you need for your projects.
    • Ultimate Bundles supply digital products (e-books and e-courses) on various subjects such as healthy living, handmade, the blogging world, meal planning etc. They collaborate with content creators to produce a huge collection. You can pick and choose what you want to download and you have access to the products for a year so you don’t have to download your chosen items all at once. They have a few evergreen bundles but most are only offered for a few days.

    The current bundle is the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. Below is a sample of what is included.

    Let me know if you take any of these courses or you have your own tips to share.

    A Guide to FREE Online Courses

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